KG Design, LLC ("KGD") brings a strong background in areas of writing and copy editing, as well as graphic and fine arts. These components serve to complement one another to form a cohesive service to the end of professional web content editing, transcription, proofing, and keyboarding skills. In addition, KGD possesses advanced abilities in graphic design to further enhance your product, or to help you create a product to suit your needs and specifications. KGD has served in the fields of medical publishing, alternative medicine, metaphysical spirituality, garment industry conformance data production, law, entertainment, technology, and academia.

KGD's pursuits are comprehensive and, to the end of the art and design world and the manner in which we interface with business, include:

Painting – portraits and landscapes; every curve, shade, shape my mind’s eye sees

Photography – capturing beauty and the unusual both digitally and non-digitally

Drawing – creating a memorable depiction, serious or comical

Transcription – transforming one media into another by means of high-level keyboarding skills.

Web Development – “humans communicating with machines” is in alignment with KGD's goals and ever striving for improvement

Photo Restoration – preserving priceless memories to enrich generations

Data entry – increasing productivity through technology

Business Acumen – improving day-to-day operations via experience

Graphic Design – helping sell a thought, purpose, service, or meaning via some or all of the above skills combined.

KGD has a passion for learning, keeping current with business trends, and delivering positive, productive, meaningful products, results, and services.

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